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NGO Support & Alliance

NGO Support & Alliance

NGO Support & Alliance is geared towards defending the rights of the most disadvantaged groups and people, promote participation in the field of Social Action, generate social change, represent their organizations before public authorities and lead them around of a shared project. We promote the full development of social and civil rights of the most vulnerable and unprotected groups in Nigeria and strengthens the Third Sector of Social Ambit.

What We do
Our NGO Support & Alliance promote the participation of citizens in social organizations and addresses the social group by creating information, awareness and opinion in relation to the development of social rights and the role of organized civil society in political affairs.

Our Objectives

  • Promote the conditions so that the freedom and equality of the individual and of the groups in which it is integrated are real and effective.
  • Eliminate obstacles that hinder or hinder the fullness of people.
  • Contribute to social inclusion and cohesion and fight to combat situations of marginalization and social discrimination.
  • Defend the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the most vulnerable sectors.
  • Improve the Social Sector Third Sector.
  • To favour its articulation in the national and regional scope.
  • Promote quality in the programs, services and actions of its member entities.
  • The promotion of full equality between men and women in all fields of action of the Platform.

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