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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

ICEHUB® Business Consulting was established to provide total solutions for the Businesses and Start-ups. Through our professional and dedicated experts and Consultants, we direct our clients/investors to the most appropriate location for their Company Incorporation, recommending them the most value-added packages suitable for our clients.

We are a One stop solution for all your business needs. ICEHUB® Business Consulting is tailored towards developing a highly credible, informed and independent consultancy, operating on various business platforms. All of our team have worked in operational or influential stakeholder roles before joining us.

Our Services have been developed to apply across the broad spectrum of challenges met by the various business: from full system support, accounts management, marketing, IT systems and human resources through to regulatory support, specialist studies and due diligence. We believe our technical skills and experience will bring real benefit to your organisation.

ICEHub® Business Consulting is bringing together its efforts, market network and digital commerce capabilities in new ways to make every day Business and organisational processes easier for both new business and existing businesses.

Our Services

1. Accounting and Taxation
    This service will cover the following areas;
  • Online Accounts
  • Payroll Service
  • Tax Return
  • Tax Savings

2. Administrative Services
    This service will cover the following areas;
  • Administrative Services is the pillar for a business’ success.
  • United Administration A unified and united administration of a business brings success fast.
  • Business Growth For a business to grow, administrations should be strong and focussed.

3. Business Advisory Services
    This service will cover the following areas;
  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Business Plan
  • Business Franchising
  • Restructuring and operational standardization
  • Business Advisory Service Analysis

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